The Photographers behind Väter Photo:


Joshua is a fearless individual when it comes to the world of Photography. Falling in love with the medium led him to selling photographic equipment in his early adult years. At just 19 years old he was in a management position in a nationally recognized business specializing in supplying professionals with top tier photographic equipment. His first SLR was an old 35mm Nikon that had been sitting in the back of the shelves for so long that the box was covered in dust. Finding the proper tool to create his artistic visions, he took his first steps in the world of Photography. A decade later, after finally utilizing his own knowledge and passion for photography, he started his own business in 2017. In 2018, his wife picked up a camera and joined the business alongside him. Traveling the country and the beautiful state of Minnesota has given him the opportunity to capture the world in ways that most people never get to see. Hiking down cliff sides, braving sub-zero weather conditions, even driving 800 miles in just 48 hours to catch the path of totality during the solar eclipse of 2017.


Hali is an incredibly talented artist whether it be with paint, a pencil, or a camera. A truly gifted and adventurous photographer, unafraid of getting down to the dirt just to get the perfect angle. She is the first to cross a river or stream in search of awesome imagery. She possesses the eye needed to capture the perfect scene at just the right moment. Having the background of general artistry at her disposal allows her to identify the perfect composition with ease, and her technical skills with her camera allow her to capture it every time. Starting as a photographer’s assistant, Hali has a great understanding as to what is needed and how to handle herself through a multitude of shooting conditions.