The Photographers behind Väter Photo:


Get ready to be amazed by Joshua, a passionate photographer who has been behind the camera since he was just 7 years old. From his early beginnings, he has been in love with the medium of photography and has built an impressive career. After working in various fields such as healthcare and business management, Joshua realized that photography was his true calling. In 2017, he started his own photography business that has taken him all over the United States and Mexico. With ample experience in a variety of genres, Joshua's talent knows no bounds. From capturing beautiful family portraits and weddings, to the intimate boudoir and artistic portraiture, and even to the vast landscapes and celestial skies, he has a wealth of knowledge and skills that he is eager to share with his clients. And being a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America, his education and learning never stops!

Joshua's work has been exhibited at eight major galleries across seven different countries and published by prestigious brands such as Bending Branches, Baymont Hotel Group, and American Wedding Group, just to name a few. When he's not behind the camera, Joshua dedicates his time to his family and loves spending time outdoors, hiking, or indulging in a good video game or book. His wide skill set, varied interests, and vast amounts of knowledge across many different career fields and life experiences make him the perfect choice for anyone looking to capture life's precious moments. Don't wait to book with Joshua and experience his passion and expertise for yourself!

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Meet Hali, an incredibly talented artist who is a master with a paintbrush, pencil, and camera. As a gifted and adventurous photographer, Hali isn't afraid to get down in the dirt to get that perfect angle. She has a keen eye for detail and possesses the tact needed to capture the perfect scene at just the right moment, making her the most impressive assistant, secondary shooter, and event planner.

With her background in general artistry, Hali can identify the perfect composition with ease, bringing a unique and creative perspective to every shot. Her extensive experience working with Americorps and Minnesota's Reading Corps programs, as well as being a High School coach, has given her the skills to effectively communicate with children of all ages, making her indispensable when it comes to capturing family events and weddings.

Despite being a loving wife and mother of six, Hali also works at a local hospital system as a clinical services assistant. She brings a level of compassion and understanding to her photography, making every client feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Hali's ability to capture the essence of every moment is truly special and has made her a sought-after photographer in the industry.

When you book with Hali, you can trust that she will approach your special day with the same care and attention to detail that she gives to her own family. Let her capture the memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Don't hesitate to book with Hali and experience her artistic talent for yourself!



Persephone is a rising star in the world of photography, and it's no surprise given her innate artistic talent and passion for capturing the world around her. As the youngest member of our team, she brings a fresh and exciting perspective to every shoot, always pushing herself to capture the perfect shot. With her natural talent and eye for detail, Persephone has already made a name for herself in the industry, with her work being featured in various media forms, including her town's annual calendar and a second-place win at her school's art expo. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she has a talent for putting her subjects at ease, resulting in genuine and unforgettable moments captured on film. Joining our team at a young age, Persephone has quickly become an invaluable member, helping to create unforgettable memories for our clients.


Therese is a rising talent in the world of photography, with a passion for capturing unforgettable moments and creating stunning works of art. Her love of the craft began in childhood when her mother introduced her to the magic of the camera, and she has been honing her skills ever since. As a secondary photographer at weddings, Therese has an eye for detail and a talent for capturing those fleeting, magical moments that often go unnoticed. She also excels at studio portraiture, creating images that are both striking and emotive. Graduating from the Minneapolis College for Photography in the Spring of 2022, Therese is now working in the field to further her portfolio and expand her skills. Her dedication to her craft and her passion for creating beautiful, timeless images make her a valuable addition to our team, and we can't wait to see where her talent takes her next.

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Ethan is a dynamic and creative force in the world of video and photographic media. He holds a degree in video production from the University of Wisconsin Stout, and has been honing his craft since high school as a part of the Waconia Wildcat Media Productions team. With a wealth of experience in filming and editing weddings, events, lifestyle videos, marketing material, product videos, and narrative short films, Ethan is a master of his craft. He also has a proven track record of success managing live broadcasts. Beyond his expertise in videography, Ethan is also a skilled photographer and graphic designer. His passion for lighting and lifestyle photography make him an excellent choice for any project. With Ethan on your team, you can be sure that your project will be a stunning visual masterpiece that will capture the attention of audiences everywhere.

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